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How To Win Grand League Dream11


How To Win Grand League Dream11

  1. Grand League – Every Fantasy player has a  Dream of Winning Grand Leauge in His Fantasy life.
  2. Winning Grand League was easy in Starting Days as many were Not Getting The Exact Information about Players and conditions. Nowadays it Is quite Difficult to win 20 Member leagues in Dream11.
  3. The Best Way to Win GL is to play ODD way and Play with Freedom. Dream11 Allows to Create 6 teams.
  4. Still, The Best Way To win GL is To Pick The players who are Not Performing Well. No one will pick the Players who are not Performing Good.
  5. EXAMPLE-Kholi is scoring Heavily in series and he will be the captain of 80% players in Grand league/ And Rahane is not performing well in series -You Have to pick Rahane in GL And make him Cap ( if he performed well on that day you will be above 80% players in GL)


  1. GL- If your Team Performed well you still Need to beat the other 1 lakh players to win GL.
  2. LUCK-Without luck you Can’t win a Small league. Luck Matters a lot in Grand Leauge winnings.
  3. If you Follow cricket You Any easily predict the Situations.
  4. Try to Predict Different Outcomes of Match. For Example- Its IND VS AUR One Day Match try to imagine a different kind of situations in your mind. as if India Bats first and lost top order then who can perform well or if India bats second who can be the mentor. ( if u have a knowledge of cricket you can easily imagine these kinds of situations in your mind).
  5. I had won Grand Leauge as many as 50 times so far in my 5 years of fantasy life.
  6. Just try to Imagine a Different Kind of situations and you will be closer to winning grand league . with a small amount of luck on your side and you will be the GL WINNER.


This is the most important thing in fantasy sports. Research provides you a strong reason to back your decision/selected players rather than depending too much on luck.

On what should you research:

  • Venue Records: Average total; first and second innings record, bowling type assistance (i.e. pace or spin pitch) and boundary size
  • Player records at the ground
  • Teams winning records batting first vs. chasing
  • Player-matchups
  • Weather forecast

Also, you should keep in mind the player’s role, for example:

  • His/her batting position
  • How many overs he/she will likely bowl
  • Exact roles of all-rounders
  • Favorite ground/team
  • Batting position if shuffle happens
  • A number of left-handed and right-handed batters to decide which bowler to select.


Image result for pitch conditions


Image result for sachin record in mumbai stats



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if You will follow the above things you will Win GL That is my Guarantee

Key tip: You should create multiple teams to increase your chances of winning. Note: Dream11 has increased their team’s limit from six to 11.

Keep a score of 5-6 players in each team. Rotate 3-4 players who you think can perform and pick 2-3 players as punt picks and rotate them with obvious C and VC choices.So, these are some tips that can help you win GL. Keep them in mind, and good luck.

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How To Win Grand League Dream11
How To Win Grand League Dream11

dream11 grand league team

dream11 grand league team

dream11 grand leauge team

How To Win Grand League Dream11
How To Win Grand League Dream11
How To Win Grand League Dream11
How To Win Grand League Dream11

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How to win gl in dream11

Fantasy cricket is a part of the fantasy sports game, an online game in which a virtual team of real cricket players is being created, and the points are scald depending on how those players perform. Dream 11 is one among them.

Tips and tricks to win GL in dream11 –

There are many tips that the player should follow To win GL (grand league) in Dream11. The first thing is to know the fantasy points system. The player should know that before playing dream 11 predictions, they should be aware of the fantasy point system, such as how much of Batsman scores for the run, Or how much a bowler scores for a wicket. Also, this should be kept in mind that the fantasy points system must be at the user’s fingertips.

Next step is to pick your tournament. The place should have a detailed idea about the competition, the team’s players, the format, and their key players. You have to be very careful and identify the right mattress to put your money in any specific tournament. Something to keep in mind is to follow the tournament closely before making any other move.

Dream11 GL tips

Next thing is to plan and do your research. As we know, this game is full of numbers, So it would be a better move to be well revised With all the ground conditions, pitch behaviour and average totals. It is also important to identify the match winners as you should be aware of the playing positions. The next trick is current form and reputation. When you are on the verge of forming a team, this is the most important aspect. Few players are in great touch and have performed well in the last matches, but on the other hand, few players come with an excellent reputation. So, you should keep this in mind.

Dream11 GL trick

Next trick is to have to toss updates. The place needs to create their teams as per the situation, And they should be aware of which team is batting first or bowling first to form their team accordingly. The Next is player battles. The player should know of the mini battles which are involved in online match predictions So that it can help them. Another tip has team combinations.

We know, dream11 allows creating a maximum of 11 teams, and the player must try different combinations. Here, the biggest trick you can apply Is to make these combinations by identifying the key players. One option is you can create a core of crucial five to six players and then rotate them, or the other option is don’t go for the wild combinations as it is a grand league team. “THE DREAM11 GL TEAMS AND TRICKS” is very important for a player to know and remember to win it.

To win the Grand League in Dream11, all the tips mentioned above and tricks are necessary to work on. The player should have a detailed idea of everything related to the game. After applying all the tricks and following all the tips, the chances of winning gl increases by a great percentage.





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